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You can download the following programs right from this site, but to ensure you get the latest version you should download the program from either or, or the website provided

Most of the programs below are free. The only ones that are not free are the ones that state Trial Version, in which the program is free for a period of time, then it will either expire or ask you to purchase it. With the exception of the Trial Version programs, you will never be asked for a credit card number or any other method of payment.

* – Indicates the program that is most recommended for the particular group it is in

Useful Tools

Program Type Download Link Size (MB) Description
Spyware Removers

*Spybot Search and Destroy 1.5Tutorial

*Ad-Aware 2007

CW Shredder 2.19

HijackThis 1.99.1 – Expert Users Only





Finds and removes spyware on the computer. Spyware can be the cause of computers slowing down, constant popup windows, error messages, as well as many other general pc problems. Should be updated regularly so it is able to detect and remove the latest spyware items.

* HijackThis is a last resort when the other spyware removers are not able to remove a spyware item. It displays legitamit as well as dangerous items, so you do not want to remove everything that the scan finds. You can post the log file from HijackThis into a forum on this page and it will tell you which items are bad and should be removed.*

Popup Blocker
*Google Toolbar –
This will block most of those annoying popup advertisements that come up as you visit different websites, while still allowing legitamite popup windows (such as online games) to come up fine. Some other popup blockers block legitamite popup windows, so when you click on a link on a website and nothing happens, your popup blocker may be stopping the link from opening up.

*Sygate 5.6

ZoneAlarm 6.5.722



Firewalls are programs that stop traffic from entering your computer. So instead of simply letting any and all traffic into your computer, they only allow authorized traffic in. They are mainly used to block hackers, worms, and viruses from entering your computer.
Antivirus Programs

*AVG Antivirus –

Avast Home Edition 4.7.827


Detects, identifies, and removes viruses on the computer. Viruses, like spyware can be the cause of many different things from the internet not working, to many error messages, to the computer slowing down, to the computer not starting up at all. These should be updated regularly to ensure it is able to detect the latest viruses.
Trojan Removers

*Trojan Hunter 4.6 – Trial Version –

TDS-3 3.2 – Trail Version –

The Cleaner 4.2 – Trial Version –

Trojan Remover 6.5.3 – Trial Version –





Trojan viruses are not as detectable as normal viruses, and are generally harder to remove. Normal antivirus programs are generally not very good at finding and removing trojan viruses, so separate tools have been developed specifically for trojan viruses.
Web Browsers

*Internet Explorer 6

*Mozilla Firefox

Netscape 8.1

Netscape 4.79 (Base Install)

Opera 9.02






A web browser a program which can be used to view and navigate through the internet (the program that you are using to view this right now is a browser). The most common web browser is Internet Explorer, but there are other ones that you can use. If you find that your home page is constantly changing or you are getting a lot of popup windows, and you’ve already scanned for spyware and viruses, a different browser might be a possible solution.
Email Clients

*Outlook Express – Included with Internet Explorer 6 above

*Mozilla Thunderbird

Netscape – Included with Netscape above

Incredimail –


An email client is a program that can be used to check and send your email. Most email clients also give you many other options, such as an address book to store other peoples email addresses, a spam filter of some sort, the ability to add signatures to your outgoing emails, and other special features. You can also usually configure an email client to check multiple email addresses for new mail all at once. Which email client you use is up to you, it is mostly personal preference, although some clients do have more/different special features than others.
FTP Clients

*FileZilla 3.0.3

Core FTP LE 1.3c



FTP (File Transfer Protocol) clients are a way for people to connect and download files, even very large ones, from an FTP server.
FTP Servers
A FTP server is a program that runs on your computer, and allows people to connect to your computer via a FTP client, and download files. You can specify the files and folders which you want them to be able to view and download. If you want only certain people to be able to connect to your FTP server, you can also specify usernames and passwords. This is a good alternative to sending large email attachments, as most email programs use a SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server to send mail, which is not designed for large files and often times out. You can just set up a FTP server and have others connect to your computer and download the files using a FTP client.
Winsock Fix


Some programs, such as Kazaa, as well as some viruses and spyware can cause the Windows winsock files to become corrupt. Basically this will stop you from browsing the internet even though you are still connected. So while you cannot browse the internet, other programs such as email or messengers may still work. This tool will also clear the Windows hosts file, so if you find when browsing the internet you are not able to get to certain sites, or are being redirected to other websites, you can try running this program to fix the problem.

* Since you will likely not be able to access this site when you are having winsock problems, it is a good idea to just download this program and store it on your computer for when you do need it. *

Restrict Internet Access
Allows you to password protect the internet so only the people who know the password can get online. This is very useful if you have children and do not want them online unsupervised. You can even specify hours when you want the internet to be active and inactive.
Limit Bandwidth
Allows you to control the speed at which each individual program running on your computer can upload and download information at. This can be very useful for peer-to-peer programs such as Bittorrent.
Hardware Information Program Everest Home Edition 2.2
Displays all hardware information about your computer, even if you do not have the drivers for your hardware installed. Great if you do not have the drivers installed and are unsure of what type of hardware you have. Also displays other neat things such as CPU, motherboard, and hard drive temperatures, as well as just about anything else you would want to know about your system.

Other useful websites

Purpose Website URL Description
Windows Updates Keep your Windows up to date. Includes the latest security patches to keep viruses off the computer, driver updates to ensure your devices work at optimal efficiency, and other useful program updates to make sure they are the latest version.
Online Virus Scans


Online virus scans are very good at detecting viruses that an installed antivirus program, such as Norton, McAfee, or AVG can not detect, because the scan is not being done from your pc. If a virus does manage to get onto your system, it will often disable the antivirus software, or manipulate it such that when it does a scan it says the computer is virus free, even though it is infected. Since online scans are performed remotely from the internet, there is no chance of the viruses manipulating the antivirus software before the scan is done. However, many viruses will disable internet browsers from running online scans, or even getting to the websites where you can run an online scan. So if you cannot get to these sites, you may be infected.

* You may be prompted with a Security Warning before doing the scan. If you are, choose Yes or Accept. If you choose No, you will not be able to do the scan *

Virus Removal Tools

Here you can download specific removal tools for the most common viruses. These are very nice as once you know which virus you are infected with (which a normal or online virus scan should tell you), just download the appropriate removal tool, open it up, click Start and it does the rest. Very easy to use and very effective.
Java Update Many online games require that you have the latest version of Java installed so that you can play them. If you are having trouble playing online games, try updating your Java and that will usually solve the problem.
Netscape 3.x and 4.x 128 bit encryption update If you use Netscape 3.x or 4.x and are not able to do online banking, it may be because your browser is not 128-bit encrypted, which is needed to access secure sites, such as bank sites or any site that you order something from. Going to this website and downloading the update will convert your Netscape to 128-bit encryption.
Computer Questions and Answers Here you can find answers, and post your own questions, about anything from how to format and reinstall Windows, to networking computers, to problems that you are having with your hardware or software. This site full of tons of helpful information. You can post any questions or problems that you are having and other computer users/experts can respond back with answers. The site is a little tricky to navigate at first, and you have to create an account (it’s free) before you can post your own questions, but overall this is an awesome site to get answers.
Windows XP tips and tricks This site is full of tons of tweaks for XP. It has everything from how to uninstall Windows/MSN messenger, to what programs and services to disable so windows loads and runs faster, to how to customize your almost every windows interface feature, to optimizing your software and hardware, to disabling many of the annoying features of XP, to fixing many XP bugs, and more!
Drivers for almost all hardware This site has drivers for tons of hardware, both old and new. If you know what type of hardware you have and the model number (often found on a sticker on the hardware itself), but have lost the driver CD or disk, you can likely find the drivers here. Once at the site, click on Driver List to search for any drivers you might need.
Tips on how to Prevent Spam This site just has some general tips on how to prevent spammers from getting your email address.

How To Websites

Function Website Link
Setup email
Check your IP address

Your PC’s local IP (LAN) – HowToCheckYourIP.html

Your PC’s global IP (WAN) –

Access Communications Customer Specific Websites

Function Website Link
Check your connection speed (upload and download)

Check for new email
Change account/email settings

Some recommended PC repair shops

Name Phone Number Address Community
Infinity PC Solutions
518E Victoria Ave
Grizzly Consulting
2100 Dewdney
Renewed Technology
1019 Osler St
Kelly’s Computer Works
1272 100th St
North Battleford
Absolute Computers
121 3rd St NE
Tech Solutions Canada
1236 4th St
Better Build Computers
506 Main St
Micro Age Computers
14 Broadway St E

Drivers for Access Communications Cable Modems and Network Cards

* USB drivers are only needed if you do not have an ethernet card in the computer, or the ethernet card is not working properly.* Ethernet connections are much more reliable than USB, and USB should only be used as a last resort. These drivers are are intended for the hardware provided by Access Communications and may not work properly with other devices. Drivers are used to allow the operating system to talk to the hardware. If the internet connection is working fine then you do not need to install these drivers as they are already installed, but you may want to download them onto a disk if you plan to reinstall the operating system, as they may be needed once the operating system is reinstalled.

Hardware Type
Ethernet Cards
Cable Modems

SMC Cable Modem USB Drivers

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