Spybot Tutorial


Spybot Tutorial

Installation		Getting Updates		Scanning


  1. Once you have downloaded spybot, open up the file. You will probably see this screen. Just make sure the language is on English and click OK.
  2. On this screen just click on Next.
  3. Here, put the dot in I accept the agreement and click Next.
  4. Here just click on Next.
  5. Here take the check marks out off all of the boxes except for Main files and click Next.
  6. Here just click on the Next button.
  7. On this screen take the check marks out of all of the boxes except for Create desktop icons.
  8. Here just click on the Install button.
  9. Spybot will now start installing. This could take anywhere from 5 seconds to a few minutes depending on the speed of your computer.
  10. Once it is done installing just click on the Finish button.
  11. The Spybot wizard will popup the first time Spybot is ran. Just click on Next on the first screen.
  12. On this screen click on Search for updates. A window will pop up searching for updates. It should disappear after a few seconds.
  13. The Download all available updates button should now be available, so click on it. A window should pop up downloading the updates. This may take a few minutes.
  14. Once the updates are downloaded and installed, Spybot and the wizard will close down, then Spybot will open back up again. If it doesn’t open back up, you can open it using the Spybot icon on the desktop.
  15. You should now be on Spybots main screen. Follow the instructions below to make sure Spybot is up to date and to run a scan.

Getting Updates

  1. To update Spybot, start by clicking Search for updates on the main screen.
  2. On this screen, you want to check off all of the updates listed in the box near the bottom. You may have to scroll down in the box to get them all.
  3. Once you’ve checked off all of the updates, click on the Download updates button to start the download.
  4. The updates should be downloading. This may take a few minutes depending on the size of the updates, how many there are, and your connection speed.
  5. Once the updates are all downloaded and installed, each of the updates in the box that you had checked off should now have a green check mark beside them.
  6. To get back to Spybots main screen click on Search & Destroy on the top left corner.


  1. Spybot will not scan your pc automatically every day/week like an antivirus program might. You have to manually run the scan yourself each time. You should do a scan every week or two to ensure your pc is running efficiently. To start a scan click on Check for problems from the main screen.
  2. Spybot will start scanning your pc right away. You can watch the progress on the bottom left corner where it has Running bot-check. This will take anywhere from 2 – 20 minutes depending on the speed of your computer.
  3. Once the scan is complete, all the detected spyware will be listed in the box with check marks beside them all. Spybot will remove any that have a check mark beside them, and since all spyware is bad we will want to remove them all anyways. So just click on the Fix selected problems button on the top.
  4. If you are running Windows XP it may take a minute to create a restore point, then a confirmation window should pop up. Just click on Yes to it.
  5. Another window will pop up letting you know how many it has fixed. Just click on OK. If it pops up saying that all of the items could not be fixed and asks if you want it to scan next time you start your computer choose Yes.
  6. You are now done. If you want you can run another scan by clicking Check for problems near the top again, or just close out of Spybot using the X on the top right corner of the window.



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